My Diet Analysis : Diet And Calorie Assessment

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My Diet Analysis After looking at the reports of my "Actual Intakes vs Recommended Intakes" and "Calorie Assessment", almost all the amount of nutrients I consumed did not reach 80 to 110 percent of the recommended level of nutrients intake. In this way, I need to set goals or change my diet to maintain health. For example, my intake of calories was 1,468.07, but the recommended intake of calories was 2,006.03 if I wanted to keep my current weight. According to my 3-day diet reports, I realized that I should eat more foods that contain healthy fats and more vitamins. Due to this, I should consume the food like meat, vegetables, and others. Also, I should be concerned about the macronutrients intake that are the primary nutrients to keep my body healthy. Carbohydrates, a primary source of energy for the body, are the sugars, starches, and fibers found in fruits, grains, vegetables, and milk products. The carbohydrates intake that I recorded reached the recommended level of carbohydrates intake. My intake of carbohydrate was 219.40 germs on the actual intakes list. Although it reached 80 percent of the recommended carbohydrates intake, my carbohydrate intake still below the goal in my calorie assessment report. Due to this, I should eat more vegetable or whole grains. Moreover, almost all my carbohydrates intake came from white rice, fruits, and noodles in my three-day diet food list. White rice, and noodles both contain high carbohydrates for
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