My Diploma Essay

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Why is it important to get my diploma, well that’s a good question? The best answer to that is to better myself, contribute to my family financially, and in hopes of empowering my children to do the same. All our lives we are programmed to go to school and learn and be the best that you can be. You start from kindergarten all the way to the twelfth grade even in college. This is to prepare for what life has in store for us. Wanting to achieve something of this nature gives us a sense of pride and dignity that just makes you feel good about yourself.

This would be a big achievement for me because I didn’t really finish high school. I dropped out of school in the 9th grade and ended up getting pregnant. Shortly after that I met my husband and got married at 19 and had been a mom and wife every since. Another reason getting my diploma is important is because I’ve seen my husband do it, even though he never finished, but I’ve seen how motivated it made him. That’s what I wanted for myself, to be motivated.
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You can’t get a job, and most jobs nowadays, require you to have a diploma and some even a degree. This is a most important reason and the way things are today it’s more important than ever. It’s hard to get a job of your dreams without a diploma or any job for that matter, or a job that’s worth working. In today’s work force, even in fast foods you have to have a diploma, it use to be where if you had some experience in a certain position whether or you had a diploma or not employers would hire you. Now to get any job you must have a diploma or GED, these lets employers know that you at least have some form of education to work for their company. Employers don’t want to hire people if they’re not capable of performing to what the employers want. Every application for any job always asks if you have a high school diploma or GED, so you see having a diploma is very
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