My Disability

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It is the end of my summer and I had a great basketball season, however, with all the interests received. I realized that my NCAA evaluation became an obstacle and so all the interest simple waver away thus loose the possibility of achieving a scholarship. This really hurts that no one took the time to truly know me or learn about my situation. Perhaps it is a blessing because the process taught me to appreciate the people who truly care about my welfare. The assumption is that I just did not do well in school and I know that is further from the truth. I worked very hard getting here and sacrificed a lot because my objective is to have the opportunity to realize my dream. I am hoping that your decision makers realize that and understand…show more content…
The system is different as Canada's US university evaluation start at grade 11 and 12 while in the United States it starts from 9 - 12. however, I defied the stereotypes and labels placed on me and work hard on my academic, knowing I cannot change the grades given to me while I was in Canada but I can certainly show that I am able to progress steadily and attend college. I tested the playing field applied to Bethune University in Florida and was accepted fall 2015 but was not able to attend due to finance 1) I would also like you to evaluate courses completed at Faith Baptist be considered for D1 base on the extenuating circumstances surrounding my graduation date and that I did not or intentionally extended my graduation date. Note I had all my credits to graduate but was not given the opportunity to and so Faith Baptist reclassification provide that official opportunity of receiving my diploma. As you can see I was certainly on track and on time to graduate and even won an award from Ford. Since my education was priority, my mother made every effort possible to have me achieve all my credits before leaving and so she contacted my teachers to arrange for me to complete my courses and overextended herself financially to have me flown from Georgia to write my algebra test final of which I was humiliated and told to leave the premises by a staff member. After such humiliation I got sick physically so my mother had to take me home to Toronto immediately. My mother had me completed the algebra course before the fall term of 2014 through
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