My Divorced Parents: Very Special People

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Everyone has two very special people in their life. People that give their time, energy and money to make sure their beloved is well taken care of and given every opportunity to have a successful life and achieve their dreams. At times, selflessness gives a whole new meaning to these two people. In my life, these two people are my parents. My parents have been divorced for about 15 years. This has not always been the easiest situation for me to face. However, regardless of them being divorced they have continued to show their love towards me in different ways. Since the divorce, my sister and I have lived with my dad. Even though my mom has not been a very active part of my life that does not mean I love her any less. Both my dad and mom…show more content…
Her compassion for me really shined bright during that hard time. My parents no longer show compassion for each other anymore like they do for me. Through out my life I have been taught lessons, something learned through experience, by my parents and just living (Merriam-Webster). My parents teach me lessons from their past experiences, their mistakes they do not want me to go through. My dad teaches me lessons in how to respect people. He teaches me how to treat people, and if you treat people respect then you get what you give. My dad has always treated people the way he wants to be treated. For example, he always greats people with a warm, welcoming smile, and a firm handshake. Even if he does not recognize someone that stops to talk to him, he still smiles and acts as if he has known them their whole life. This teaches me that respect is the most important thing to give to people. My mom does the same but she more teaches me, no matter what happens to always love your kids unconditionally. This prepares me for the future, for when I have graduated college and have a career and married. My mom has been through a lot with my sister and me since the divorce. She tells me how she fought for custody of me and my sister. The odds were not in her favor. Also, how she wishes she was more apart of our childhood. Divorces separates families, and more than likely one parent will lose precious time with their children. I know I wish my
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