My Doctor 's Name Was Dr. Campian

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My doctor 's name was Dr. Campian. He was a short and stout older man with gray hair and lively bright blue eyes. In a way he looked and acted like Robin Williams. At my first doctor 's appointment my x-rays showed that I had a 47 degree curve in the shape of a c. Also they noticed my ribs stick out in an odd way. Turns out that my ribs were rotated 25 degrees due to my back problems. My family went up with me two days before the surgery so that we could do as much as possible. The day of my surgery, I remember waking up and having to bind into the shower. My aunt,cousins,nana, and Jr.(Grand-daddy) showed up at around 7 in the morning after I was out of the fastest shower in history. Everyone got into two different vehicles and started…show more content…
That 's when realization hit me. My parents pulled a cream colored blanket which had a sheet under it up to my chest. Then they asked to have my party of people that were in the waiting room to come back. When they came back my pastor came and prayed over me. I felt a lump in my throat, I tried to swallow it, but it wouldn’t go away. That’s when I felt tears come to my eyes. All of my nerves escaped from my tears, after I was calmed down I fell into a deep sleep. I woke up in the recovery room the room was a type of gray and there were a good amount of other hospital beds in there. The smell was like a bleach and lemon scented cleaner. After about ten seconds I started to scream for my daddy. When I say I was hysterical it might be a little understatement. In my mind at this time I thought that if he came back there he would beat up the people that hurt me. Then all the sudden there were two women standing over my bed telling me to calm down and they were getting him. They were both on the big side. One looked as if she was African American, the other was white and had just started working there. Then I heard the door open and in walks my mama. The nurses started to interrogate her and say that I was screaming for my daddy. She told them that he let her go back to see me first and he would see me in my room. After my mama got me calmed down to where I was only sniffling, I started to compliment everyone and

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