My Dog Was A Very Domestic Animal Essay

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My dog was a very domestic animal. She was tamed by me. Her name was Lacey. She was a very pretty yellow color her fur was very fine, she was about 21 inches and weighed around 70 pounds. When she ran her feet were as light as feathers floating through the air. Lacey was always a healthy dog. She was never sad always happy with a bright little spark in her eyes. Lacey was a dog that had many good qualities about her. She was more faithful to me than any other dog could have been. It was seldom that she slept at night if at all. Always kept watch on my family’s house. She had this deep scratchy bark with determination of scaring any stranger who happened to walk near the house she was always pissing off the cats, they hissed at her like they were about to do something showing her that they could hold their ground. Lacey was a faithful dog who loved me very much and I loved her. She followed me whenever I called her name. Always got playful and wagged her tail with true excitement. She knew when I was feeling sad and down she was a true and devoted friend to me as I was to her. I loved my dog. So I took very good care of her. I kept her trimmed and clean. I washed her fur coat with warm and soapy water. I kept her looking neat. She was fed properly. Lacey loved it when I gave her a bowl of cold milk with her food. In the summer I would keep it nice damp and shady for her so if she laid on the porch with her belly it would cool. In the winter she’d sleep in my room, she would
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