My Dominant White Culture Essay

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In my culture, the environment is clean. We have clean houses, clean community spaces, and clean schools. We tend to avoid places that are dirty. The housing is generally sufficient for our needs, and we have compassion for those whose living spaces are not suitable for their lifestyle. Yet no person in my culture would offer their home or car to someone who needed it more. Appearance is extremely important in my culture. The people in my culture are expected to dress neat and clean. It doesn't have to be the latest style, but clean and neat is appropriate. Those who do dress in the latest style seem to command more respect from the others. Those who don't dress in accordance with these rules are not ostracized but pitied.…show more content…
  Family is very important in my culture. The ideal family has a mom and dad who are married to each other. Families who are different are usually expected to be looking for a way to achieve a parent partnership or looking for a way to achieve the look of a parent partnership. Children are supposed to be raised to be self-reliant and contributing members to society. Most children are sent to school to learn how to fit in with the rest of the culture. Those children who don't go to school are looked at differently by the rest of the culture. Children are supposed to be reasoned with, so they can become responsible adults; however, many parents discipline by taking away privileges. Children are supposed to be taught to be responsible for their actions.   Outsiders are people who do not act the same way we do. Some outsiders are welcomed in society, others are tolerated. I think that my culture allows others who are similar more readily than those who very different. Deviance is identified as anything that is out of the norm for my society. If an individual is engaging in an act that the majority of the people of my culture find offensive, then this individual is punished. Punishment can be any number of things such as ostracization, imprisonment, or even death. Many individuals labeled as deviant are sent to psychologists who are expected to help
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