My Dream Home Essay

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Dream Home Like I have, if you haven’t already, you will be purchasing your first house. The budgets of what you can afford will vary, and not everyone is going able to afford their dream homes that we wish we could. Like I did some may have to find a home with potential and express their style to make it the way they want it, and create their “dream” home. Scrolling through Pinterest, labeling a board “future home” is what most girls do. While my “future home” may not be complete when buying it like I wanted it to, it is now mine. I have an open canvas to work with and endless ideas to help design everything I have ever wanted. Deciding what colors to go with for the walls, what textured carpet to but in the bedrooms, or what floors to…show more content…
We have arrived. Not getting out of the car, just staring at our new home. Cody then looks at me in confusion, “Jayde, you can get out, we are here”. It is now time, I got the key. I begin turning the lock about to enter the home that I get to call my own. My daughter crashing through the door, literally, falling as soon as we opened it. My fiancé and I pick her up realizing her nose is full of blood. “Jayde, go get wipes” he yells in a scarce voice. I run to the car, because we have nothing unpacked yet, and cannot find the wipes. I run back inside to tell him, and he has used her tiny pants to wipe up the mess. I ask if she is okay or if we need to take her to the Emergency Room to get checked. He looks at me, “Jayde Erica, she’s a baby, she’s going to fall, and she’s going to get nose bleeds, she is fine!” “She just makes me nervous.” I tell him. With her just beginning to walk she fall all the time, then gets back up and falls again shortly after. We got her calmed down as we still our just sitting in front of the main door and we both look at each other and say “what the hell have we got ourselves into!” At that exact moment my daughter, Piper yells “MA MA MA”. I look at her with a nervous face, and she just giggles. At that exact moment I have realized, you can never take anything in life for granted. After sitting by the front door, we decided to get up and capture the moment. That moment that will
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