My Dream Home

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My dream house may be a little different from what other people may like but I will tell you that my heaven would be no different than what I experience everyday here. I love the adventures that I am able to experience everyday, there is not one dull moment Of all of my wildest dreams there is not one hobby that I would not be able to manifest. Most of my time is spent outside so I do need an awesome landscape where I can get exercise while having fun. My yard is the second greatest place in my house. This is where my few visitors are the most besides my play room. They thought that I was crazy when I said I would live in a volcano, but obviously no one has ever tried to jump into an erupting volcano. The hard part is finding out when the next eruption is which takes years of study and know that if you miss it you have to wait until the next one. They say volcano’s are the gate of hell, but for me it’s just the opposite. You may say “how can you jump into a erupting volcano you would burn alive”. But that isn't true, when magma spews from the crater it isn't hot until it has been in the air for 30 seconds or until it has been on the ground for at least 30 seconds. So here is how it works, before an eruption you jump inside Mount. Fiji. When the magma blows and breaks open the crater you need a scuba diving suit because there is a lot of swimming (approximately 1 mile). It takes about 20 minutes to get there, but just go straight down (there will be a lot of ear

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