My Dream House Essay

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My dream house would have rooms and multiple floors, a basement, and an outside area. These main parts would be the most attractive parts and the most essential pieces. The most attractive part in my dream house would be the rooms. There will be 5 floors and 10 rooms which means 2 rooms on each floor. Every room will have a walk-in closet and the rooms and floors will be sport themed. Also, all the rooms would have a large washroom and a king size bed. Two of the rooms would be a Lab and a sneaker collection room. My lab would have a cloning machine that could create Pokemon and dinosaurs. The sneaker collection room would have 20 shelves stacked upon each other and 10 of the shelves would have sneakers. The other 10 would have the boxes for the sneakers because they can be a collection. My bedroom would be the best room in the house. It would have a king size waterbed and a large bathtub in the bathroom. The whole room would be basketball themed and there would be a walk in closet that would be the biggest in the house. It would be the size of a room. Two of the most important pieces of my bedroom would be a jersey of Lebron James signed by him in a glass frame and a pair of sneakers worn by Michael Jordan himself in a glass box. These would be the most important rooms in my dream house that I would spend most of my time in.

The basement would be one of the essential aspects of my house to play games and take your mind off of stress. There would be a
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