My Dream Job For Nike

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What do you want to be when you grow up? That’s a question I’ve been asked religiously since I was about five years old. As I grew older the answer to the question changed and for many reasons you could imagine. Often times I learned about new profession and knew that’s what I wanted to do, other time I simply realized I wasn’t interested in certain jobs anymore. Often times in our society we are taught that you can be whatever you want but your also taught to choose it early. With that being said while the professions I planned to go into often changed the core interest never did. When looking for my dream career I often thought about those core interest. After simmering for the while and searching the internet at this time I believe…show more content…
As a Merchandising Manager focusing on global strategic initiatives my main focus is to create product plans, initiative, etc. that transcend across the world but are still focused on consumer needs and not too broad. As a manager I am responsible for delivering different marketing strategies as well as using these marketing strategies to engage Nike consumers everywhere. I also will partner with merchants as well as Nike direct and the product presentation department to make sure the image Nike wants you to see illustrated across the board. My overall purpose is to think outside that box to cultivate the customer experience and make it remember able for all consumers across the world. Looking through requirements and responsibilities is a very important part of knowing you’ve found your dream job, as well as the ability to be able to weigh options and decide which responsibilities will make or break your decision to work there. As I look through the job requirements my only problem with the position is the amount of collaborating that has to be done, this is not because I am closed minded but because sometimes working in groups can get dangerous. While I do know that working in groups can get messy I also do understand that workplace problems are inevitable to avoid, especially working for highly diverse companies trying to target an even more diverse target audience like Nike, this is why I am more than willing to still work with Nike. The most interesting
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