My Dream Letter

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I am writing this letter to you because I feel like I do not have any other choice other than to tell how I feel. I have to find some way to make you see the dream and desire I have for our family. My dream will provide a better life for our family and our future. I have talked about this liquor store countless times over the years, but I can't take it no more. We have to invest that money into that liquor store because it is a logical decision to with that money! I am tired of living in this ghetto life style with no end in sight. We all share this little building with no room! Hell, we have to all share the same bathroom! I got to do something respectable for this family and turn our lives around. I hate sitting here and not looking like a strong role model for Travis. I want to show Travis what it is like to follow through with a dream! I swear if I have to watch or hear about another white man succeeding in this backwards world I am going to lose my mind! If I use that money, I can make my dream come true! Every day, I chauffeur white men around and listen to their success in their businesses and I think why can't I do that? Hell, do you remember Charlie Atkins, he is just a "good-for-nothing loudmouth" and he's grossing a hundred thousand a year (Hansberry 456). Why can't that be me? Along with him, they are other successful black men and I know I can be one of them. There are liquor store all around for white men and if I open this liquor store, I will be able to sell
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