My Dream Of College And Being A Successful Marketing Manager

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As a young adult, I was married, had two children, divorced, and lost both of my parents all before I hit the age of twenty five. My dream of going to college and being a successful Marketing Manager vanished by my own actions. I briefly attended the Community College of Vermont, where I thought I could handle school, kids, work, and life. It was after my first semester that I faced tragedy which took my life in a different direction than I had anticipated. Instead of being a college graduate, I became a blue collar worker, uneducated, and financially broke. I didn 't believe I would ever have the opportunity to reach my full potential. Not only did I not believe in myself, nobody else did either. It further pushed me into a state of despair. However, I took those negatives and turned them into positives. This is where my insatiable thirst to strive to learn and for excellence came alive. I entertained the idea of being a teacher because of my position as a substitute teacher. I was promoted to a teachers aide, and a couple of coach/mentor positions. It was rewarding but not my calling. I needed variety, intensity, and challenges. As an adult, I entered into the service industry at a little BBQ restaurant. I discovered my love of people, and my fiery ambition to up-sell. I have had a myriad of sales and leadership positions since those early days. Through the years I have visited the library to read books, I have watched videos, researched papers, and attended training
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