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Throughout my life I have always dreamed of a moment. While dreaming of this moment I picture myself at the podium receiving my high school diploma. While doing this I take a deep breath and appreciate the moment. This moment consists of me looking into the crowd of respected elders and knowing I have my life figured out. In this dream I have a perfect understanding of what I will do for my college education, I know what I will do for my career, and I have made up in my mind what I want for my life. Looking into reality I can comprehend this dream. The only objective that I haven’t completed in this dream is the ceremony of graduation. I have a perfect understanding of what I want in my life, especially in the department of college…show more content…
By the end of this year I will have completed three dual credit courses with three credit hours each. I would like to also add the fact I have eight years of work experience in my field of Precision Ag Technology and have savored every second of it.
Setting and achieving goals is a particular method I use to achieve success. I have throughout my early life set goals for almost anything. Goals in my life have consisted of scoring a certain amount of points in athletics, working a certain amount of hours, setting a high standard on the grades I want to receive, and loads more. My current aspirations and goals however consist of different results. In my life now I am thinking of goals such as paying for college myself and avoiding student loans, achieving acceptance in every scholarship I apply for, and in this process enjoying my senior year. I will be paying for college by myself, and graduating debt free is my biggest goal as of now. I have worked hard in my job, scholarship applications, and this scholarship application in particular. As I come to the end of this process in this scholarship I come to appreciate all of the hard work put in over this scholarship. Spending hours writing these essays, constantly revising these essays to improve my chances, and pouring out my love for Precision Ag Technology. This last task in particular is a hard one to describe. All of the information I have provided throughout this application doesn’t

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