My Dream Story

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I woke again from the same dream that I have been having for weeks or months I don’t remember anymore.The dream was about two older people coming towards a young girl and taking her from her bed while she was sleeping, they just took her, as they were taking her off the property she woke up and started kicking and screaming. Then she says a bad man killed her. Than she would say both of them were sick, very sick. It has been happening ever since we moved near Lidtke Mill. I went out to go get the paper and the cover story was “Death at Lidtke Mill”. I thought to myself “Who was it? How did it happen?”.

The rest of my family walked into the kitchen and sat down, mom and dad read the paper and looked like they had just seen a ghost all through the cover story. We ate a almost peaceful breakfast besides Scarlett singing Jack and Jill fell down a hill the WHOLE time, I don’t know what is wrong with her. Mama said that it was a little girl who died in the paper. Mama said she had been kidnapped. Mama said by a bad man a very bad man. I asked Mama to tell me more about the little girl and she said yes.

Mama started off saying “The little girl’s name was Gretchen Keller, her and her family had just moved near Lidtke Mill too. She was sleeping soundly in her nice warm bed, Her parents heard a loud BANG, they ran to her room and when they got there she was gone and the room was a mess, and her all of her clothes were gone. They looked all over the property because it was huge.
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