My Dream To Become An Electrical Engineer

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Everyone must make a choice, once they reach a certain age, that will determine everything in their life. My dream job is to become an electrical engineer one day because I find interest in circuits and building electronic devices. When I was a young boy my dream not to be an electric engineer but something more along the lines of being a cook; however, that dream was short lived because my interest of being able to cook changed over as I got older and became interested in electronics. The way electronics work is simply amusing to me because I could not understand how the devices were operating, and honestly I still may not understand how these devices actually work. My backup plan for my future career would have to be becoming a…show more content…
Classes that I will need to take in order to achieve my goal of being an electric engineer are courses in mathematics and physics. Math classes that I will need to take are calculus, algebra, and trigonometry (summary). My main interest is electrical engineering and all of these things do sounds quiet good, except the drop in employment rate in 2014, but my interest also lies in mechanical engineering which is not all too different. Mechanical engineering is not too different from electrical engineering in the sense that they both have to do with creating tools and many other things; however mechanical engineering has more to do with building things like cars and elevators than phones, or light bulbs. Being able to find a job after graduating from college is always something that should be worried about; however, the employment rate for mechanical engineers are increasing and is expected to increase by 5% in the next few years (summary). The median annual play for a mechanical engineer in 2016 was $84,190. A person only needs a bachelor's degree to start their work as a mechanical engineer (Summary). For mechanical engineering I would need classes like mathematics, physics, life, design and engineering (Summary). These things are also very convenient for me since I enjoy math and physic, but like I stated earlier everything has its own pros and cons. Electrical engineering has plenty of pros because I find
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