My Dream Vacation Destination

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If I had a ticket to anywhere, I would go to Central and South America because it has the most diverse and beautiful landforms of the world. One ticket doesn’t have to get me to all the places I will describe, just close enough to find my own path through my dream adventure. The Central American coast and island countries are some of the more scenic and relaxed places in the world. The Caribbean offers the Bahamas, Puerto Rico, and Jamaica. These are my three favorite island destinations I’d be most excited about visiting. The white sandy beaches and cool palm shades of the coastal lowlands make you never want to leave. The thatch cabanas and bungalows litter the beach front as far as the eye can see. Tropical foods such as sauteed shrimp and saucy tilapia pull you in like a scents ghastly hand wavering you toward it. Fruity cocktails and rum punch quench your thirst and help end an amazing day on the beach. And when the auburn and violet rays of the sunset arise from the horizon you can rest your weary head on a strong cloth hammock strung between the palms. The deep scarlet of the Rose Island Reef in the bahamas would make anyone wish they could sprout gills and live among the schools of blue and yellow tang. Snorkeling through the refreshing indigo waters and watching parrotfish maneuver through the vermillion reef would make any heart palpitate. Not to mention all the resorts full of exciting water parks, soft beaches, and other tourist attractions.

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