My Dream of Becoming a Veterinarian Essay

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My Dream of Becoming a Veterinarian

As far back as Dawn can remember she has always dreamed of becoming a veterinarian. It all started when Dawn’s parents gave her, Samson, Doberman pinscher puppy as her first pet. They grew up to become best friends. At age 12, her best friend had developed a tumor on his chest. It devastated Dawn that she could do nothing for her friend. She had no way of helping him. This was just one of the signs that everything she had felt in her heart was meant to be. For her, to become a veterinarian, so she could help animals.

While in high school, she volunteered in vet’s office so she could be closer to animals. After high school, she had planned on going to college to follow her dream. However, life had
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All of her life, Dawn had to struggled to make ends meet. She was tired of just getting by and not having a job that was satisfying to her. She wanted something that was going to fulfill her heart, spirit and soul. Ever since, she was little she knew becoming a veterinarian would be the only job that would that fulfilling. It had always been in the back of her head to go back school to become a veterinarian. However, it never seemed to be the right time.

Finally, in August of 2003, something happened to her that she could not ignore that it was time for her to follow her dream. She was on a trip when she stopped at a rest area in Illinois. A black stray cat happened to be there. She goes to pet it, the cat rolls over on its back to let Dawn pet it. She could not see such a sweet cat injured by one of the semi-trucks that was rolling behind her. She decided she was taking the cat home with her. She would take the cat to the local Humane Society Shelter. The cat never was left at the shelter. He was going to be her cat; he was the straw that broke the camel’s back. For her, to definitely go back to school so she could help other animals.

She told her family what she wanted to do. They were completely behind her but she was not completely behind herself. Every time, she thought about what she was about to partake on. She would totally get scared. It meant that money would be tighter than it was now for at least eight years, moving to a
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