My Eagle Scout Project

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The cold air was giving everyone extra energy that they needed on the early Sunday morning. I would normally like to be sleeping in on the weekend, but that day was an exception. At 7 am on a Sunday morning in late October, I was awakened by my alarm. For the first few moments after waking up I didn’t know why I set an alarm so early, then it hit me, my Eagle Scout Project is today. After getting up and getting in the car with my dad to go to the worksite early to set up, I saw the footbridge we would be repairing for my project. The footbridge was damaged in a recent flood and half of it was washed away, so it was unusable. If people wanted to go across the small river, they had to walk on a slippery tree that had fallen over during the flood.…show more content…
The first people were the representatives from Holliday Nature Preserve that helped me design the new part of the footbridge. They went down to the worksite to get the blueprints out and more people came to help. After about 20 minutes of people showing up and taking their tools down to the worksite, it was finally time to begin construction. The repair will be extending the bridge 16 feet to the top of the river bank with three 16 foot beams. Luckily there were many adults that could help lift the heavy beams into place because the young scouts wouldn’t be able to lift them on their own. While the adults did all the heavy lifting, I had the younger scouts work on digging water bars into the hill to stop further erosion of the river bank. The task of digging a hole for a 2x4 didn’t seem like a problem for the scouts, so I went to check on the footbridge. Coming down from the hill where the water bars were being placed, I could hear all the power tools like drills and saws being used to construct the walkway connecting the bridge to land. After watching everyone work together and have a good time, I decided to help saw the floor planks for the walkway. For about 15 minutes of sawing and talking to the adults that were taking a quick break themselves, I felt that the footbridge was coming along exactly as planned and I went to check the scouts. I didn’t expect the water bars to take along time to dig and I was right
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