My Earliest Memory

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My earliest memory is from the one day when my ordinary life had collapsed. Out of all of our memory, majority of people would remember their most peaceful memory from their childhood. I may have probably be one of them, if I did not experienced such a horrifying moment as a age of four. I remember each part of the scene vividly and it is probably the memory that had a strongest impact on me for the rest of my life.

My earliest memory was when I was four years old in my small apartment in Maryland. It was an ordinary day until I saw my parents taken somewhere far away that I had no clue of.
The day started off normally, I woke up at my bed feeling the bright warm sunlight on my face. As I get off of my bed and looked out of the window,
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I spent my day peacefully in school learning new information and just talking with my friends. After school, I was walking back to my home alone. I remember the neighbour family in the morning, I picked up some dandelions from the roadside to show my family. I took it back carefully as possible as I can back home so the white fluff on the dandelion wouldn't blow away. When I finally arrived in front of my house, I saw my mother sitting in front of the entrance door with her face down on to her knee. When she looked up and found me in front of her, her face looked nothing like what I used to recognize her or what I would except a mother to look like in front of her child. She looked terribly tired and frightened as if she was chased by a murderer. Then, she demanded me to open the door grabbing my shoulders hardly. For a moment, I couldn't move nor say anything. I was frightened of how she looked at me, I abandoned the option of saying no to her and so I did what she asked. I knocked on the door as usually I would and shouted at the door “Dad, I'm back home!”. Then the door opened slowly, at a glance I saw some pieces of glass and knife on the floor and my father with his face completely red. I was confused of what was happening at the room. Then my mother broke into the house and slammed the door hard. The door was closed again in front of
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