My Early Experiences With Trauma

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My early experiences with microaggressions caused me to have improper reactions of calling people out on their statement, which usually came out with the same surprising response. I feel that most people who use microaggressions are unaware that they engage in racial communications that are negative or derogatory insults to people of color. Microaggressions are the current forms of discrimination that are more subtle than direct, and I’m stunned that only when I called people out on their words were they unconsciously discriminating. While these early instances of microaggression were unconscious, I feel the more conscious forms, like microinsults, are more inappropriate and discriminating.
Microinsults. Every ethnic minority has faced forms of subtle racism, but the type that I had difficulty understanding was microinsults. Why use another person’s race if you are just going to insult them anyways? I’ve heard my share of denigrating messages of microinsults, like “If your people didn’t have such small eyes, maybe you would have seen that coming,” and it always shocks me how people bring the topic of race in to hurt feelings.
Stereotype Threat. Another aspect that bothered me was the fear of fulfilling the stereotype that Chinese women are horrible drivers. I had negative experiences when trying to earn my driver’s license. I felt the anxiety of stereotype threat looming over me, especially when I failed the test twice. Hall’s textbook states “Stereotype threat is the
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