My Ecology Action Project

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Planting a New Hobby For my ecology action project, my plan is to build and nurture a recycled sustainable container garden. Within this garden I will have a variety of plants. Some will be grown from seedswhile others already in the seedling stage, along with a small portion of the garden reserved for hydroponics. I can organize my project into five general steps worth of work. The first step is to create a blueprint for the structure and make a cost estimate for the materials I will need to purchase (seeds/seedlings, soil), I will complete this step myself on September 11th. The second step is to gather/recycle most needed items and purchase what can’t, I will complete this step with some help from my mom and stepdad on…show more content…
Gardening is always something I have wanted to involve myself in, but have never done. I have always marveled over other people and their ability to care for such large beautiful gardens, but use the same excuse of
‘I just don’t have a green thumb’ when given a plant to care for. With my grade for this project being connected to my ability to take care of plants, I believe that I will do much better at keeping my garden alive. Not only this, but I also believe that I will realize a love for gardening.
Along with learning about my personal relationship with the environment, this project will actually help to improve my health. My project will improve my health both directly and indirectly in three ways. The first way is through what is consumed from my garden because some of what will be grown has benefits (i.e. aloe vera, sage, lavender, and herbs/vegetables). The second way is through exercise from building the planter and being outside tending to the plants. The third way is that simply being outside and gardening can reduce stress and have a positive effect on me mentally.
Although my health can be greatly improved by this project, there are also a few problems I could face throughout. During my project, there are three particularly concerning problems I might face. The first problem is dealing with smaller wildlife
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