My Edu 260 Field Experience Placement

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For my EDU 260 Field Experience placement I was sent to Windsor elementary school which accepts students from grades PK-5 elementary. The principal of this intuition is Mrs. Beth Elliott while the superintendent is Dr. Debbie Hamm. The ACT Aspire assessment was given to students in grades 3-8 in spring 2015. The ACT has four readiness levels those levels include: exceeding, ready, close, and in need of support. The students were assessed in four subject areas in each of these areas a percent was given for the students who fell into the exceeding and ready level of the act. The table 1 out-lines the percent of student’s in who placed in ready or exceeding on the ACT. The SC Palmetto Assessment of State Standards (SCPASS) was given to…show more content…
Being an IB PYP School, their students focus on IB profiles and attitudes to enhance their life’s and career characteristics. The faculty and staff are trained in Differentiated Instruction in order to meet the academic needs of all students. Windsor’s primary years IB program does the following: • Encourages international-mindedness in IB students, developing global thinkers. • Encourages a positive attitude to learning by engaging students in inquiries and developing their awareness of the process of learning so that they can become lifelong learners. • Reflects real life by encouraging learning beyond traditional subjects with meaningful, in-depth inquiries into real life issues based on the Transdisciplinary Themes • Emphasizes, through the IB Learner Profile, the development of the whole student –physically, intellectually, emotionally, and ethically. Windsor’s IB learners strive to be open-minded, caring, creative, respectful, risk-takers, inquirers, knowledgeable thinkers and communicators, balanced, and reflective about learning opportunities. The schools IB program encourages the following attitudes: appreciation; empathy; commitment; enthusiasm; confidence; independence; cooperation; integrity; creativity; respect; curiosity; and tolerance. The extracurricular activities offered at Windsor
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