My Education And Education : My Journey To College

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College has been something parents expected their child do whether or not they were motivated to do so. And like most of those parents, mine encouraged me to further my education. Though I didn’t mind doing so, in fact, I kind of thought about going to college or a university for as long as I can remember. In a way, I didn’t think there was anything worth my time to do after high school other than continuing my education. Of course growing up as the youngest child in my family, I looked up to my siblings and even my parents to help me guide in which direction I desired. While my parents lacked some education, and my siblings seemed to find themselves in trouble with either mom and dad or the school administration, it made me realize that school is really a path to decide how someone will end up as. For example, my parents dropped out during grade school and have trouble getting better jobs because of not having a college or a high school degree. My sister dropped out of college after her first semester and though she did continue with beauty school and starting a family, I can tell she wishes she had the time to continue college, not juggling 3 jobs to support her family. My brother never found the motivation to do great in school and though he has some social issues, he continues on his 6th year at the local college with F’s and no idea what he will do once college is over. This motivated me to do amazing in school. In a way, I wanted to do what they couldn’t just so

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