My Education : Continuing My Educational Experience

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Continuing My Educational Experience

A college education exposes a person to new experiences and gives them ideas that improve their intelligences and make them a better learner. Gaining knowledge from professors who have experience in the field of my interest is what really excites me about college and has motivated me to join the Manor Early College High School program. In my case, I believe that rather than getting a job or joining the military college is my next step in life. I know that this choice will be extremely rewarding for my future because earning a degree will increase my chances of having a successful career. Obviously, having a stable career with a good income is extremely important considering that I must provide for
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College, to me, is not only a place to learn, but it is a place to prove my self-worth. My mother and father had to sacrifice their education in order to provide for their unexpected child at the age of 18. They both, just as I do, had visions of themselves in the future that involved a higher level of education. My goal is to prove that their mistake as young adults can now be repaired through my life and seen as a blessing. Deciding to step up to the plate and do everything possible to get into college is something I consider as one of the most important decisions in my life so far. If I had not applied for college, I would have felt as if everything my parents gave up for me to have opportunities such as this in life had no purpose.

Deciding on what major area of study I wanted to focus on basically translated in my head to choosing what I wanted to do everyday for the rest of my life. In my opinion, this choice was so difficult to make because it felt like I was eliminating the opportunity to become knowledgeable in a wide range of subject matters. I soon realized that having a major area of study in no way limits my ability to study and discover things outside of that area. After lots of time and consideration, I have decided that I would like to major in forensic psychology because it is an area where both the justice system and psychology
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