My Education Is The Most Important Part A Human Being

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My Education I like a quote from a speech of John F. Kennedy and it says, “ My fellow Americans, ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.” I can change that to, “My fellow Students, ask not what your education can do for you, ask what can you do for your education.” How can I define education? My definition of my schooling can be described as “harsh” and “mediocre”. I think learning is the most important part a human being can have. Someone without an education can be easily be deceived. My education in elementary was hard. It was hard because I had to get use to a new language. I had to get use to a new culture. So I had a really hard time in elementary school. Everything for me was new. I remember when I discovered World War 2 and felt in love with history and the war. It was at Laurel Elementary in Compton. It was in the fifth grade and we had a field trip to the museum of Tolerance. It’s something that I will never forget. I don’t really remember what I got from my education from middle school. The only thing that I can remember is being bully a lot in middle school. So I think that’s when I started to hate school. I always unloved the phrase mostly every teacher you to say about “you can be anything you want when you grow up”. What a lie. In my high school days is where I discovered my political views. I also discovered that I had to do something to change in the lack of education in schools in general. But in reality high…
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