My Education : My Educational Experience

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Throughout my time here at UW Green Bay, I have learned many things about my education and about myself. While I have learned that you can get a degree, and a job, by gliding your way through classes and applying no effort, I have acquired the belief that you get out of college what you put into it. I believe that if I apply myself and try to challenge myself I will be far more successful in my educational pursuits. Through this realization, I have learned the two most important lesson of all; fearing failure is a waste of energy, and anyone can make a difference in the world. As an incoming freshman, I was afraid of the unknown. I feared that I would come to college and let everyone down. I thought I wouldn’t be able to handle a large class load and a job, or that I would do poorly in class and disappoint the people that cared most about me. I applied for the GPS Program on campus to try and set myself up for greatness in college. GPS stands for Gateways to Phoenix Success, and that is exactly what I wanted, a gateway to my own success story. I hoped that by reaching out of my comfort zone that I would become successful. This was quite possibly the best decision I have ever made. Being a part of this program taught me that it was okay to fail, that failing didn’t make me a failure. My Professor taught me that just because things don’t always go as planned doesn’t mean they won’t work out for the better. The GPS Program allowed me to fail in an environment that would
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