My Educational Experience In High School

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My educational past is complicated to say the least. Starting in the fourth grade, my mother pulled me out of traditional schooling to homeschool me, while she ran a home daycare; however, while the idea of being homeschool sounded great in the mind of a fourth grader my mind of a 20-year old knows this wasn’t the best idea for my educational experience. Until about the 8th grade my mother, an alcoholic, rather than teaching me used me to work in her daycare while she grew more and more incapable due to her growing addiction. Starting in the 8th grade I began to attend a co-op funded by the Tahoma school district, (Russell Ridge Center). Once I began making connections with both peers and teachers, I began to realize how much I had missed out on both social and educational standards that were met by a typical 8th grader. With the help of free tutoring from a select few teachers I confronted about wanting to gain academic knowledge, I slowly caught up to the standard educational goals, then pushed myself to succeed further. I became captain of our high school programs debate team, earned the lead role in three musicals, and became stage manager of our local high-schools theater stage. My Junior year, I began to attend Green River Community College as part of the Running Start program, earning a 3.5 GPA by the end of my first year. The next year I continued but ran into some obstacles. As time went on my mothers addiction grew ten-fold. It came to the point of physical abuse,
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