My Educational Goals and Philosophy Statement Essay

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My Education Philosophy

I’ve always believed very strongly in hard work, perseverance, strong moral character. These traits to me are what exemplifies a superior teacher that has the privilege to touch many lives and change the world we live in.

Hardwork is something that isn’t artificial, or can’t be bought. It’s a very special characteristic that sets people apart in the respect that it shows who want’s to be successful and make a difference and who doesn’t. In being a teacher hardwork comes with the job and it’s important that the teacher understands that before going into the profession. It requires a lot of time and patience when a student needs it most, which isn’t always a easy thing to do when
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To be an effective teacher requires perseverance , which is something that is extremely important to the profession as a whole. Teaching at times can be very stressful and frustrating and like any job it can be very easy to give up and quit when times get tough or seem to be spiraling out of control. Children are very sensitive with their feelings and emotions and sometimes the blame is put on you the teacher by the student even though it may not be your fault in whatever happened. Parents can be very hard to get along with as well and it requires a lot of composure in explaining issues that may not be popular with the parent or child. Perseverance is very important to a teacher’s well-being as far as staying on task and coming up with new concepts that can better benefit the students as well as the teacher.

Something that can be easily overlooked in being a teacher is the trait of being a strong moral character . In the occupation field of teaching there will be times when people will look to you for answers, or opinions that will benefit the teaching environment as well as the curriculum, or will not benefit the teaching environment and it’s up to you to speak your mind in what you believe to be ethical, concise, and why you made that particular decision in the first place. Having a strong moral character shows others who you really are and what you truly stand for as an educator. It also
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