Essay on My Educational Goals and Philosophy Statement

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My Educational Goals and Philosophy Statement 'The most important function of education at any level is to develop the personality of the individual and the significance of his life to himself and to others' -Grayson Kirk. The teaching philosophy of progressivism focuses on developing the whole child. This philosophy not only teaches the core subject material, but it also allows the teacher to help develop the person the child is going to be. John Dewey, founder of progressivism, denounced the scholarly and classical school of curriculum. Dewey thought children should not be taught what to think but how to think through a 'continuous reconstruction of experience.' This implies that children learn best…show more content…
This perspective focuses on building knowledge through activities. While pursuing my education degree with a specialization in math, I have realized that constructivism is very important. Math is a gradual building up of information. Each step builds on another. Students in math classes also need to be active in working the problems. These activities that allow them to work the problems, giving them practice. I feel that children learn much better and retain more information when they can be involved with the learning instead of sitting in a seat all day listening to a lecture. From my experience, students that have to sit and listen to lectures with no interaction all day do not perform as well as those who are doing hands on activities as well as cooperative learning. I do not want to have a dictatorship of a classroom. I want my students to feel free to ask questions and to talk to their classmates about the lesson. I feel students not only obtain knowledge form their teacher, but they learn a tremendous amount from other students. This is where cooperative learning comes into play. This strategy is very effective in getting students involved. Sometimes students feel more comfortable in small groups of their peers. During my observations, I noticed that students learn a tremendous amount from other students. Some students
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