My Educational Journey: From My Migration To The United States

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Who knew that dreams would come true? When I was a child, attending college was a big fantasy of mine that later became a reality. At the age of eleven, my family and I immigrated to the United States in the search for better opportunities. I came to this country with no knowledge of the language. My educational journey was not easy because of the language barriers and my immigration status as undocumented. At the beginning when I started middle school, I felt frustrated and useless for not being able to communicate with others. I was placed in ESL classes where I was taught English and basic math and science. I wasn’t learning anything new. During seventh grade, I was accidently placed in regular English classes. They were challenging at first because I was still an English learner. However, those classes helped me improved my English, and my knowledge was expanding. Even though it was hard to understand what was being discussed in class, that did not stop me from getting good grades in those classes. I would stay after school and asked questions to my teachers and read the readings carefully while taking notes. Eventually, my counselor…show more content…
I was aware that as an undocumented student there were less funding opportunities, but I never imaged the frustration and disappointment when I couldn’t find none or I was rejected from the ones I applied. I became depressed, and there were times when I even questioned my existence. Thanks to the support of my parents, I managed to continue doing my best regardless of my immigration status. I started to take classes in community college to explore career fields. One class that I fell in love with was my Criminal Law class. Once in UCI, I took more criminology classes. Learning about the unfair criminal justice system and looking back in my minority community, I took an interest in law
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