My Educational Philosophy Essay

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My Educational Philosophy I can remember as a child being in the classroom scared to death! I remember being the little kid in the back that was scared to raise my hand, in fear of having the wrong answer. I can remember how my hands trembled when it was my turn to go to the board and work out a problem in front of the class, terrified that everyone would laugh at me. These are feelings that I never want a child in my classroom to experience. I have a strong desire of becoming an early childhood special education teacher. I want to be the one that will teach a child that my be a slow learner or has special needs how to not be afraid and to learn, because learning is fun! I want my classroom to be a comfortable and relaxed…show more content…
I believe through being a “hands on” child myself, that that technique of learning is very effective, especially with the smaller children. Like Arthur E. Bestro, I also fall under the category of essentialism; I feel that the basic subjects are very important. Reading, writing, math and of course government are needed for everyday life, without knowing the basics you will be lost and taken advantage of. My classroom will be arranged in an authoritarian management, with the teacher being the main focus. There will be a lot of group and paired projects going on, so the child will not become bored and uninterested. With having a kindergarten class, I will always have a back up plan for lessons. I realize that some days are going to be tougher than others to keep the children on task at all times. The nature of the assigned work should be relative to the individual child. Every child is different and every child will have different special needs and ways of learning. Special Education classrooms are a bit more aware of the process of backing up and re-teaching. I will not let a child go home crying because he or she doesn’t understand the material. I will not move on in my lesson plans, until I am fully aware that every child has grasp a hold of the material. My classroom will not only be taught academics but manners and morals as well. Children will behave according to
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