Essay on My Educational Philosophy

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My Educational Philosophy

To describe my educational philosophy, I needed to combine two philosophers into one making it my own. I plan to explain my philosophical view by discussing the purpose of public education in society.

I felt that essentialism, popularized by William Bagley, and progressivism, led by John Dewey, best described my attitudes and views towards education. I feel the overall purpose of education is to teach students traditional academic subjects such as math, reading and writing, social studies, the sciences, music, art, computer science, health, and physical education. These classes are the foundation needed by students to survive in today’s society. However, I also believe that some students need
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They need to experience activities outside of the classroom that are meaningful to them.

Education is important for several reasons. One, it gives children a strong academic background to compete in a technological society. Two, the educational setting allows students to interact and develop socially. Three, classes give students the opportunity to achieve success and failure at different ages. Four, education allows for many different experiences that help shape a child’s personality. Five, education teaches children the need for discipline, rules, leadership, and responsibility. I am sure everyone could add one or more reasons to this list but I felt these five to be most important to me.

As a teacher, I hope to accomplish many different things. I would like to develop a good rapport with my students. Helping them as much as possible before school, with math assignments or listening to their problems, and after, by starting a math tutor program or chaperoning a school dance. I want all the students I have in class to achieve some success to help build self-esteem and confidence. I know that seeing an “A” on my assignments or tests makes me feel good. I also want my students to retain most of what they have been taught. I would feel disappointed if students failed to remember what I had tried to teach them. Finally, I would someday like to be recognized as an excellent teacher. I feel that I will be able to do a good
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