My Educational Philosophy Essay

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My Educational Philosophy

Choosing a major is a very difficult decision to make for everyone. It has to be something that you can spend the rest of your life doing and should enjoy. When I think back to my elementary years through my senior year of high school, all I ever wanted to be was a dentist. I took the classes that would better prepare me in the dentistry field. There at the last second, I switched my major. It was first semester of my senior year of high school when my favorite teacher, Mrs. Fowler, asked me to teach Spanish to the kindergarten class at Piney View Elementary School. As soon as I walked into the classroom and saw the sixteen pairs of eyes gleaming at me, I realized that this is what I want to
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(She was a guide in the summers.) I had so much fun and also learned at the same time in her class. She plays the perfect role model for me. I hope that someday my students will feel the same way about me as I do about Mrs. Ivey.

It is very hard to pick out only one philosophy that I want to use in my classroom. I have many different views on all five of them. Although, I do know that I am not going to use the perennialism philosophy. I do not agree with that philosophy because my students should not have only one choice, which second language, that they want to learn. I believe that extra curricular activities are good for children to be open to. I also believe that students should have choices in their lives and that you cannot stick to one way all the time. Having a variety of choices in children’s lives helps them to become more prepared for the future. They can learn form their own mistakes, which I think is the best teacher. Therefore, perennialism is not a good philosophy in my classroom because I want my students to have many choices in what they do and learn.

Another philosophy I will not be using is existentialism. Since my field of teaching will be with kindergarten, I do not believe that the students will be old enough for this philosophy. I like this philosophy; I just believe that it would work better with older children rather than
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