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My Educational Philosophy

A teacher, according to Webster’s New College Dictionary, is one who “imparts knowledge or skill.” In truth, however, the responsibilities of a teacher ascend far beyond this formal definition. For many year teachers as a whole have guided and molded each generation, thus have guided and molded the future. Being part of such a grandeur undertaking serves as ample motivation for entering the education field. Teaching will give me the opportunity to take part in one of the institutions that America prides herself on: public education. I will contribute to the goal of providing everyone, even the most disadvantaged, with an opportunity to acquire knowledge and better him or herself. I will help to
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A classroom needs to be comfortable and pleasant. I would also like to use bulletin boards to help make the students feel important and good about themselves. In the lower grades I will use students’ artwork as decorators for bulletin boards. In higher grades their artwork will be used or they will even help to decorate the bulletin boards. Using the marine animal example again, I would hand out pictures of different animals and have the children color or paint them for decorations. If class size allows, I plan to have my students seated in a large semicircle, with my desk behind them. Hopefully I will have the time to make frequent changes in the way the class is set up and in the decorations throughout the school year in order to keep the students stimulated and interested.

Another important decision a teacher must deal with is that of the direction of their class. I plan to use a non-authoritarian approach. I realize that this approach can only be used to a certain extent since children need some degree of structure and order. But, I feel that an approach that is non-authoritarian in nature allows more self-expression by students, as well as helping the teacher to gain the respect, rather than the fear of the children. I want students to feel comfortable expressing themselves and asking questions. Another advantage of this approach is that it can be used to encourage
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