My Educational Philosophy Essay

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My Educational Philosophy

Philosophy can be broken up into different components. The first being the purpose of education, second, the nature of knowledge the students has, third the nature of the student, fourth the method that is used when teaching, and last, but not least the curriculum that is taught in schools.

I feel that the purpose of education is to create a better person as well as a better environment. Today, people need education more than ever, whether its preschool, middle school, high school, or even college. If a person has an education, they will have better job stability, which means that wouldn’t lose their job. Technology gets better day by day. Jobs that required manual work fifteen years ago are now using
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This comes from grouping students. Foucault states that “power shapes knowledge and knowledge shapes power” and I could not agree more.

When Rousseau discusses the nature of human beings, I strongly agree with his idea that Children are born innocent. Unlike adults they do not know right from wrong, so when they get scolded, they do not understand the reason for it. Over time, however, the child learns that when he or she get “yelled at”, they must be doing something wrong. As the child grows older and gets acquainted with the real world, it is hard for the child to tell right from wrong. The child goes through a state of confusion when they see their parents doing one thing and their peers doing another. The child should take into consideration both opinions of their parents and peer; but, do what they feel is the correct thing to do.

Methods of teaching varies so much from one teacher to the next. As a person who interacts well with others and prefers a study partner, you can bet one of my methods is going to be group work. Group work helps students with social skills, learning skills, and communication skills. This could really help a student who is shy with his or her classmates and hopefully the child will open up more to the classmates and to the teacher. Class participation is also an important role in the classroom. I will have students
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