My Empty Past

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The heat radiates off the rusted core gated iron roof, a dust devil swirls over the path that leads towards the school. I have always loved the country, the warm air, abundance of animals, variety of plants and even the dust that covers everything. As I head up the path I reflect on my life at the school, my life would be almost empty without this school, this is where I went to school and now work as the only teacher. It hasn’t changed a bit since I went to school, still a old wooden shack with a tired old veranda that raps around the whole building. A somewhat derelict building but what choice do I have - it is the only school within 200Kms of Gadgenup. Gadgenup has been home for me since I was three, I moved here with my Mother, Father and older Brother Luke, when my Father couldn’t find work, it is and always will be my home. I wipe the sweat off my forehead, the hot summer is yet to pull through. Every day in class we pray for rain to fall, so that farmers like my Brother can have a plentiful harvest. Inside the school it is as hot as an oven and I open the old wooden framed windows hoping for a cool breeze that will not come. The children drag their feet as they slowly arrive, walking together up the path. This is a small town and everyone knows everyone. I look out into the barren school yard and notice young Albert wandering along, Albert is the only Aboriginal at the school and some of the older boys call him names for being Aboriginal, I feel sorry for him,

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