My English 22 Class

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I truly have enjoyed taking English 22 class. This semester, I have experienced difficulties, challenges, and most importantly, the feeling of accomplishment after completing an assignment or an essay. During high school, I disliked English and really didn’t take any of the information in. This is the first time that I have enjoyed a composition class. I have always found it to be a struggle to write essays but professor Porcha Dela Fuente have taught me to dig deep into the papers that are being written. Her patience and helpfulness has pushed me to excel in my English skills. On the first day of class I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I kept an open mind. With this being my first English writing class of college, I was nervous and assumed the work was going to be beyond hard. I quickly realized that it is possible to do well in college English if you put forth your best effort. I slacked off and procrastinated in the beginning, so my grades showed it. As soon as I started English 22, I began to think that if I focused and tried hard enough, I could achieve greatness and I did, that is why I deserved to pass this course. In my portfolio, the first essay I have chosen to include is the Personal Narrative essay. During my first essay, I…show more content…
When I started this paper, I felt like I was staring at a blank word document for an hour. I had to turn my computer off and try again the next day because I was so frustrated. During the process, I learned to organized, annotate, explain the purpose of the writing and look for sources from websites, articles and cited. I had to do a lot of research and I can tell you it is not fun. This is when I realized I had to forget about the word count and get lost in the subject matter. Doing this made my thoughts poor out onto the paper so easily. I chose to write about water usage in Hawaii and their solution to conserve
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