My Enthusiasm On Studying Psychiatric Disorders Essay

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My enthusiasm on studying psychiatric disorders drives me to pursue the doctoral program in XX school, and I devote to further the research on depression as my future career. As one of the most significant public health issues, depression often co-occurs with other chronic diseases, including psychiatric disorders. Moreover, people suffering from chronic diseases with comorbid depression are at a higher risk of worse prognoses than those without comorbidity. Therefore, identification of etiologic factors for depression could lead to early interventions to prevent depression and associated negative health outcomes.
Like other chronic diseases, depression has a complex etiology. Taken individually, etiologic factors may appear to be trivial, but each is crucial to understanding the whole picture of depression. From my medical training in China to current my MPH study, I have sought to put together the pieces of the etiologic puzzle of depression. Although I have studied everything from social to psychopathological factors contributing to the development of depression, I have recently realized that the missing piece in my study is closer to the essence of human beings: genomics. Thus, to further education, as well as to put together more pieces in the puzzle of depression etiology, I feel that must add the understanding and application of psychiatric and genetic epidemiology to my research toolkit.
During my undergraduate study of medicine, I wondered why, given that most
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