My Entrepreneurial Lessons From Running

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In the midst of marketing bombarding, finding a spot to thrive for free is becoming impossible. You have to spend for to get more is what they tell us. You can 't even benefit from the effects of the sun if you don 't smear yourself in sun-screen. Can you really only pick the fruits of success if you have the right tractor?

In this blog I will draw a lot of my entrepreneurial lessons from running, here is one example.

The more you read about running the more needs your accumulate. You start thinking, that you need more products that will allow you to exploit your full potential. Somewhere between the scams, I am sure that there are a lot of products out there that will allow everyday Joe 's to run a bit faster or diminish their chances of injury.

A lot of the product can for example bring extra comfort. Like warmer cloth, anti-chafing creams, special socks and so on. It seems like their is always something else that can be added to a diet or as a gear which will increase performance. And if you are a bit hooked on running you will always want more of these products. When you don 't have them it is easy to grow the feeling that you can only reach peak performance if you use these products.

More buying less doing

This syndrome is even more patent in beginners. I remember not going out running more than twice a week because I was waiting to be able to afford a specific pair of shoes which would diminish the pressure I put on my joints. Guess what happened when I bought…
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