My Epiphany Into Medicine : An Overview

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Personal Statement- Stephanie Vogelgesang There has never been one moment signifying my epiphany into medicine but rather a series of thoughtful, conscious, and reflective decisions. It was my spring break and the weather outside at 6am was wet with wind chills in the 30s. Snow had covered all our supplies and lay as a thick blanket atop our pile of two by eights. This was the first time I had ever seen snow and my first experience with a sawzaw. Our mission trip this year had brought us to Floyd County, Kentucky to help rebuild homes for those who live in areas that are considered to have some of the highest poverty rates in the nation. The people here do not have much, so they were very grateful that we were able to come out and provide them with the help they needed in stabilizing their homes after the rough winter. I was working on a home belonging to Porty, a man responsible for providing for his family of eight when he became disabled after a back injury in the mines years prior. We had gotten a few chances to talk while I was there and he spoke with such enthusiasm of how truly grateful he was that we were helping his family. It was towards the end of the week and we had sat down for a moment, and while I was sitting on the floor playing with his granddaughter, he thanked me. It was such a simple moment, but my spirits were lifted and I realized that I was making a difference with my involvement here. It might be a small contribution in the scheme of it all but it
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