My Eportfolio: Course Analysis

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In my ePortfolio, I have gathered a series of my writings that I have completed over the course of this semester. Overall in this entire course I have learned a great deal of material that has pushed me to become a better writer. From my past courses, I have noticed that I am not the strongest writer but I do try my best. With Professor Knox’s tough grading system, he has given me drive to bshow my potiential as a writer. I feel as if my knowledge has increased a significant amount on the following topics/concepts and I support each claim with the correlating artifacts 1) Writing process Artifact 1-Writing Log 3, (2) Discourse Community-Artifact 2 Assignment 2 Partner Review, (3) Rhetoric Artifact 3- Assignment 1, (4) Genre Artifact 4- Reading Notes Week 10; and (5) Critical Thinking, Reading, and Research—Artifact 5--Assignment 5. Every assignment has shaped me into a more developed writer and has prepared me more for ENG 280.

For Writing Process- Artifact 1- Writing Log 3, this was definitely a challenge for me. In my past classes I have never had to complete this type of
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As I wrote several paper and had to add several outside sources into my papers this gave me the practice and the guidance that I needed. Before taking this course I never knew how to cite a personal interview with someone until I had complete one for Assignment 4. Even though, my grade was not the best for assignment 5, I did read the feedback and I understood what I did wrong and how to improve it. I believe that I cited all of my sources correctly and completed my references properly. Overall, since this was the last assignment given this was the one I felt as if I learned the most from because it was a combination of everything I had used in this course. I know that this concept is one that I will get even better with and constantly have to
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