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Writing essays is something I do often, however I do not consider it my strong suit. I wrote my first structured essay as a sophomore in high school. Not knowing how to set up a paragraph or even what a thesis statement was, I struggled. As we wrote a tremendous amount of essays throughout the year, I began to appreciate the concept of writing. As the essays became more complex my thoughts became more impenetrable. Grammar, diction, and form of writing are a few small aspects, that with dedication and repetition has improved my writing skills. First, grammar consistently trampled on my confidence. The feeling of turning in an essay believing you did an outstanding job, only to be shut down with a below average grade because your grammar…show more content…
Diction is what separates good writers from great writers. For almost three years I have received a small comment on approximately every essay I wrote. The message read, “ ...up your diction.” (Dayna Hendricks) This small message made my vocabulary sprout its leaves and create a beautiful word tree. This being said, I still have a prolonged journey until I reach my ultimate diction goal. “Besides, proper diction or proper choice of words is important to get the message across.” (Literary I have found that readers become more intrigued into reading my essays if my diction content is high. Diction enhances the writing into becoming more elegant and interesting. Third, my personal form of writing has changed dramatically throughout the course of my writing career. Essays went from casual and sloppy to formal and uniform. When I first started to write all the paragraphs I wrote were disarranged and horrific. Two topics were distorted into one paragraph, some paragraphs had nothing to do with the topic, so on and so forth. My style of writing has come such a long way, mainly because of my use of diction and grammar. Without my improvement of those two aspects my writing had no chance of changing the course from casual to
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