My Essay On Group Analysis

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In our group essay, I wrote the paragraph on teenage drivers and collaboration with my group on the introduction. I would trade my group's essay an 8 on the AP rubric. I would grade it an 8 because we did a very well job at writing one cohesive essay that flowed nicely along with using strong diction. The part about our essay that set us back was the grammar along with the introduction. I think the essay could of had better grammar such as commas as well as a better attention grabber as our first sentence. Overall, our essay in my opinion was very well written and offered humor to keep the audience attentive, but lack the proper grammar as well as a strong introduction. The process has taught me so much. The main thing it taught me is that…show more content…
Essays consist of an introduction, three to four body paragraphs, and an conclusion. Every single essay had the same organization, which just becomes boring after listening to a few of them. Every through the few hiccups my group had, I think we pulled together an amazing essay and we all were able to collaborate very well. I would grade myself a 9 out of 10 as a group member. I wrote my portion I was assigned and I really tried hard to match styles. I normally don't use humor in an essay because it's a weakness for me, but for my group essay I tried very hard to incorporate humor into my portion. I was always in connect with my group members asking for their opinions and proof reading. The reason I wouldn't give myself a 10 is because I was absent on the day my group members "combed through" our essay and made it flow even more. However, even though I was absent, I was in contact with my group while they worked through texting and email. Even though I was physically in class, I was still able to reach out and collaborate with my group. Overall, I am very proud of not just our essay, but our whole
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