My Ethical Principles Of The Student Affairs Profession Essay

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My Ethical Principles Statement One important aspect of the student affairs profession is the importance and involvement of ethics within your daily life and within the workplace. From personal experience I believe that autonomy, faithfulness, doing no harm, and the ability to be just are extremely important. I also believe that there are many important expectations found in NASPA’s Standards of Professional Practice. These expectations include, equal consideration and treatment of others, assessment, agreement with institutional missions and goals, and conflict of interest. The student affairs profession spans many areas within the university environment and this can cause many different views and perceptions of the profession. Fried states that the curriculum of student affairs “includes interpersonal communications, conflict resolution, personal life planning, financial planning, career planning, leadership and participation in small and large groups, public speaking, and developing the necessary skills to live and work in a culturally diverse democracy” (Fried, 2002). Another responsibility of student affairs professionals is supporting and aiding students during crises, which seem less predictable and more frequent, causing psychological pressure to increase (Schuh, Jones, & Harper, 2011, p. 111). While supporting and developing students in modern times and working to complete all responsibilities that pair with the student affairs profession it is important to

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