My Ethnicity From China Or Other Places

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When I encounter people of my ethnicity that originate from China or other places, I begin making assumptions based on their origin. For example, people of my ethnicity from China are often viewed as rigid, old-fashioned, and lack manners. These stereotypes lead to grouping and discrimination within my ethnicity. I felt I had occasionally reflected such notions on people within my ethnicity, who originated from different locations. This in a sense created conflict with identifying to my ethnicity. When I was young, I would often only hold pride to things positive to my ethnicity and exclude things that conflicted with that concept. I feel this encouraged feelings of discrimination and hindered the development to identify with my …show more content…

Near the Tibetan population, when people try to take pictures of them, they tend to get offended or would assume that as an offer to pay them for their service. I feel that traveling has really widened my view of the many different customs and I have grown to respect the distinctiveness of each culture, including my own. Gender is one of the greatest factors that can determine how we define ourselves and others. Although gender is determined at birth for many, it does not influence one 's identity of self until a later age. How society views the roles of each gender influences how a person views themselves. As the view changes, so does one’s identity. In the past, the roles of men and women were defined and separated. Men were expected to provide income for the family, while women were expected to take care of the home. Doing things outside these roles caused negative reactions from the community and were frowned upon. Today, there is still a difference between men and women, but a lot of the roles have become acceptable for both. Within my culture, gender roles have generally been set and defined to conform to preexisting traditions. Men were viewed as strong and the bread-earner and women were weak, unintelligent family caretakers. To this day, I feel this notion still exists in the contemporary society due to the deep-seated nature of Confucianism in the Chinese culture. Even in Chinese school, we were assigned gender roles and taught

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