My Ethnographic Fieldwork On Jewish Culture Essay

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For my ethnographic fieldwork, I decided to do my research on the Jewish culture. I interviewed a friend of mine at her house, which is the field site I decided to work in. To protect her identity I changed her name to Rebecca. As soon as I got to her house I notice there was a small piece of metal on the side of her doorpost with hebrew text written on it. I enter the house and she greeted me and took me to her living room.In her living room I noticed she had a tray of bite size cookies for us and a Snapple drink. The cookies were sweet and they did not have strong odor. My friend wore black slacks a white blouse and a star necklace around her neck. After a while, her brother and father came in and I noticed they had a little cap on the top of their heads. I asked her questions about her religion and culture.

Rebecca explained to me that the religion she and her family follow is Judaism. Judaism is the believe that there is one God who created the heavens and the earth. Their core belief is that God made a special promise, also known as covenant, with their forefather Abraham to protect them and blessed them, as long as they follow the commands and laws of God, and faithfully worship him. Rebecca also explained to me that they considered themselves the “chosen people of God,” because out of all the people in the world the Israelites are chosen to receive all of God 's blessings. She also explain to me that for a person to be Jewish they need to come from the…
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