My Eulogy Essay

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My symbol that represents everything I want to be; is my grandmother Lena Knox. Who is the beginning of the Knox bloodline, and she is also a very strong willed determined individual. The three key points that I will touch on that makes her my symbol, are her adventurous courageous and powerful states of mind.

When I was 8 years old we took our first family vacation that I can remember. Our family left Hot Springs, Arkansas headed back to Oakland, California. We drove through Texas, New Mexico, and Nevada. While we were in Nevada we stopped at the Grand Canyon. It is the most beautiful sight I have ever seen; we took several pictures got back in our vehicle and we were off.

Five or six hours later we arrived in Oakland,
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For the first time in my life I had sugar water and sugar toast and they really are delicious. On our last night there I tried Gumbo for the first time and my grandmother had crab legs.

Now I will get into how courageous my grandmother is. When I was 8 months old my mother and grandmother were walking back from the grocery store. When suddenly they were surrounded by wild hunting dogs they must have smelled the raw meat in my grandmother bag. So my grandmother took off running the opposite way of us to lead them away from us. The dogs attacked her she fought them off with one can good; they were trying to kill her. I was way too young to remember all this but she showed me the scars from the attack.

One day I and all the kids were outside playing and a huge snake crawled up on our porch. We were terrified running, screaming, jumping, and throwing stuff at the snake. My grandmother was so brave she went and picked up a shovel and cut the snakes head off; and that was the end of that.

Last but not least my Aunt Betty called my grandmother one day and she was very hysterical. Her husband my Uncle Tim was punishing his dog King and out of nowhere King turned on him. King bit his thumb off and was trying to bite Uncle Tim’s throat. King would not calm down so we had to kill him. I had a sledge hammer but every time I went to hit King I just couldn’t do it. My
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