My Everyday Life

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In our everyday life we encounter different relationships: friends, best friends, boyfriends, girlfriends, family, and other people. We tend to want real friends that are caring and all that. I want to know when passing in our everyday life, how do you know what you are doing is right or wrong especially in relationships? Just keep in mind “passing” means that you are not being who you actually are. Throughout our lives, we tend to have many best friends or friends. That friend is inclined to care for you and be there for you, right? After time has passed, at the end of the day you don’t know if they are true friends or not? What are true friends? That friend was so close to you, but after a while had drifted away or maybe because steh…show more content…
He was the most charming guy like the ones from the Disney movies. They got married in Mormon’s church. Hailey then had kids and had a decent work. The young man started a YouTube channel. The guy wanted to show others that dreams can come true through hard work. The married couple had 2 boys and 2 girls. As her dream was being successful. Then one day it sparked to them that they needed to exercise, especially for the guy who was overweight. He explains it was a challenge, but nothing is impossible. Bryce lost weight and Hailey worked out to be fit and healthy. After years they had gotten better pay with all the advertisements and love from his subscribers and her YouTube videos. They eventually made their own business off of selling shirts to owning part of Disney and owning a farm with horses all. When all of a sudden something went wrong, it was of an ordinary nature. The man was exchanging pictures with another girl. Her heart was broken in many ways emotionally and mentally. Bryce passed as the perfect man, although his dreams when he was little was to have a lot of girls like any other skinny guy and of course be skinny. His dream came true. But what was the wrong or right thing they had. Both of their dreams came true. What went wrong or right in their relationship. Why was she surprised? This is the moment the lady doesn't know what to do and what is right or what is wrong especially with her kids. I believe that humans
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