My Exam Choice : Home Final Essay

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My Exam Choice: Home Final Essay Com 310 Spring 2015
Instructor: Dan Dullea
Student Name: Destini Brodi
ID: #0473731
The Topic Questions:
Most scientists, using scientific evidence, believe that Global Warming and Global Climate change are the defining problem of our time and how we address the problem will determine the fate of our species. Other interest groups believe that either there is no problem or that we will find technological fixes to overcome any potential climate disaster: You are to examine how these polar opposites are portrayed in the mass media. What evidence and arguments are used? Does either side have undeniable evidence? Take a position on the controversy and describe how mass media might better inform, educated and help resolve this critical societal impasse.

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Scientist believe that human activity is causing the earth’s temperature to increase unusually fast. They believe there is a correlation between increase levels of CO2 from burning fossil fuel and spikes in the earth’s temperature. From climate scientist discoveries 97% of all scientist believe that humans are the direct cause of global warming. Yet, based on two distinctly different arguments portrayed by the media, only 25% of US citizens believe that humans are the direct cause of global warming. One half of the media use scientific research as evidence and the other half uses tactics to keep the audience skeptical of scientific evidence on…

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